Organize Against The Adversary

Your organization's intellectual property and information assets are targeted by hackers every day. AttackSix can evaluate your security operating model or perform simulated attacks to help you keep an eye on your blind spots, break attack chains, strengthen defensive operators, and simply make you more secure.

Let AttackSix Help You


Who we are

AttackSix is a team of technical security professionals with broad industry knowledge and qualifications. Having successfully infiltrated many of the most well-known brand names in the world, our expertise in threat modelling and cyber attack simulation is not bound by industry. Our consultants and technical testers each have deep offensive security experience and hold many certifications relevant to information security.


What we do

Organize against the adversary, and cover your six.

AttackSix helps your organization think like hackers do, enabling you to detect and prevent them when you are targeted.

We are a small team ready to take your security posture to the next level through authentic, threat-based cybersecurity operations.

Our solutions enable you to keep an eye on your blind spots, defeat attack chains, strengthen defensive operators, and build sustainably-secure business operations.


Adversary Operations
Train your security team. Validate your defenses through simulated cyber attacks, and step up your detection and response capabilities

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Physical Access Operations
Evaluate your enterprise physical security controls. Prepare for targeted attacks on your facilities, and defend against unauthorized intruders and insider threats

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Defense Operations
Strengthen your security program, and optimize your framework for peak resilience against threats

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Traditional Operations
Traditional operations include standard network and application penetration testing, wireless assessments, and social engineering. These overt assessments can help you identify gaps in your patch, vulnerability management, and SDLC programs. Additionally, these operations are an easy way to meet and exceed PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC, and other compliance requirements.

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